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Mobile Money Transfers Kenya 2016



Mobile Money Transfers 2016 Conference & Expo

15-16 September 2016 | Nairobi, Kenya


Leading the world in mobile money innovation


Mobile money transactions in Africa stood for 63 percent of the total value and Kenya alone accounted for US$ 13.2 billion. Of the 31 million mobile subscribers in Kenya, 83 percent (26 million users) are subscribed to mobile money services. Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), April 2014).


The crux to m-money services is the ability to a) transfer funds from one handset to another and b) deposit and withdraw cash via a network of local agents.


But m-money can be used in many other innovative ways. In Kenya, these include including paying utility bills or school fees, making in-store purchases, m-ticketing, phone top-ups, withdrawing cash from ATMs, sending money home from 45 countries overseas, people even have their wages and stock dividends paid into their account. All of this is achieved without needing a bank account, bank card, a smartphone or a post-paid contract.


Safaricom’s M-PESA service was the pioneer of mobile money in Kenya – and worldwide. Starting only seven years ago, M-PESA now has a reported 18.2 million subscribers, which would give it 73 percent of total mobile money subscribers in Kenya and, according to Mobile Transaction, today one quarter of the 44 billion dollar economy in Kenya runs through M-PESA.


All other Kenyan operators and some banks also offer m-money services. Safaricom made more revenue from M-PESA than from SMS and data put together.


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